Area: 5,6 hectares.
Grape variety: sangiovese grosso brunello variety.
Zone: South.
Altitude: 430 metres above sea level.
Type of terrain: medium consistency, Eocene origin with stones.
Vineyard exposure: South-West.
Training system: cordone speronato.
Number of stocks per hectare: 3900.
Rootstock: 420 A e 140 ruggeri.
Fertiliser and pest control on integrated system.


Period: early October.
Yield per hectare: 6000 kg of grapes.
Harvesting method: by hand with grapes carefully selected.


Treatments with sulphur products: the grapes are treated with potassium metabisulphite.
Percentage of stalks allowed in tanks: none.
Duration of maceration: 20 days.
Period of transfer to casks: March.
Transfers: the first year the wine is racked three times, in December, March and September.
In subsequent years it is racked once, in March.
Bottling: on the estate, by gravity.
Estate wines: Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino, Rosso Toscano La Torre.
The estate also produces Grappa di Brunello from its own pomace.
Brunello ageing time in the cask: three years.
Rosso di Montalcino ageing time in the cask: one and a half years.
Rosso Toscano La Torre ageing time in the cask: three months in barriques.
The casks have capacity 39 hectolitres (Slavonian oak) and 25 hectolitres (French oak).
For Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello, barrique use is limited to no more than twenty per cent.

The wines are traditional in style.